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As a person who wanted to develop further in my life I couldn’t afford not to deal with my smoking.

I knew it was possible to stop smoking because I saw others doing it.

For years I tried and tried and nothing worked. I spent a lot of money on stop smoking products and had nothing to show for it.

Until one day a friend suggested I go and ask someone who had stopped smoking how they did it. I did just that, went and asked different people how they stopped smoking, and they all said they did it easily.

I finally found exactly what I was looking for and have now developed it into this book which gives you:

  • One product that delivers everything for one low price, instead of spending hundreds of pounds or dollars on lots of products.

How excited would you get if you learned how to use the information gathered from these people who stopped smoking easily and use these simple exercises in this book to help you get to where you want to be?

If it was doing a great job for you, what results would you see yourself getting?

When I find something I know I can use I start feeling a little fluttery feeling in my stomach that starts to move up towards my chest as I start to think of all the things I can do with these new ways and that is how you know you have got a good idea.

If you are prepared to learn then in a few days or weeks you can begin to appreciate the results you want.

The issue is not the quality of the content in this book but the commitment you make in learning to use it. And to take this one step further, the issue is not learning to use it but in creating results from using it.

Imagine for a moment that this was a great book and you have learnt all the things you need to.  Sometime out in the future you might look back towards now and see this as the start of something great, perhaps you have noticed the difference in how you feel and what you can do that you couldn’t or would choose not to do before like walking up stairs, swimming or running and no longer having to check if you have your cigarettes and lighter wherever you go and whether you can smoke there or not.


When I think back on some of the content of the book that will give you great results, I invite you to notice how much you have changed by taking on board these key concepts. Key concepts like…

  • Having a clear step by step formula
  • Smoking is not who you are, it is a behaviour
  • Being clear about what you want and how to get it
  • Getting on with your life without the fear of losing anything

You might not understand how these concepts can be used right now, but suppose for a moment you can see yourself actually putting the things into place that are recommended and find that you are beginning to sense the possibility of stopping easily as you begin to follow the steps in the Stop Smoking Formula book.


Logically you might get a sense of good feelings you will have. Now, I don’t want you to think of these results as something that happens magically just because you are focussed, keen and getting involved in this book. I want you to realise that it will happen only because you have already started the process of imagining how you are using the material.

Anyway, if you can see the results you want, have understood the benefits for you perhaps you can already get excited about moving to the first exercise.

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