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The new book is now published and is available at all on-line retailers:

   Mutual Mindfulness: NLP & AIKIDO, The study of the Universal Principles of Excellence

It is simply a brilliant book, that opens our eyes on lots of things and wish I had seen such books many years ago! I am glad that Paddy has created this book to share his knowledge for us all…
Nick Regnier  recommends Mutual Mindfulness






This Ebook contains all the strategies you need to know to learn how to stop smoking easily

If you are not smoking, what is it that you are doing?

Visualise yourself having already become a non smoker

What will you do with all that extra money?





http://Paddyb17.redbubble.com – Photographs on the object of your choice

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dJDOuDvrq5E&pp=ygUMUGFkZHkgYmVyZ2lu – video of some Aikido basics