Is the Great Resignation here?

It’s an interesting question, presuming a lot of people may not to want to return to their jobs, and are considering a new direction in their lives. How do you do that? We can chunk it down into three possible options:

  • Look for another job the same as what you are doing, maybe more money, another role or in another area or Country that comes with more money
  • Do something completely different
  • Start your own business

The first thing to do before making a start on this is to make sure you are in an appropriate and useful state, meaning how you feel. All top performance is state dependant. There are ways, tools and strategies to achieve this.

Next, be clear about your outcome (goal). What specifically do you want? Go through the “Well Formed Goals Process” Not only does this clarify what you want but you will get additional information that you previously hadn’t been aware of.

Internet Entrepreneur “experts” will tell you that the current boom in business is online education and it is projected to get even bigger.

There are many ways you can exploit this:

  • Everybody has some sort of skill and experience that they can turn into an online course. There are some excellent companies who can show you how to do this and they will have ready made templates that you can use to build your own course.
  • Affiliate Marketing. You can align yourself with many established businesses and market and sell their products for a commission.
  • Product sales. Have you got a book you can sell? You can produce an EBook easily and there are people online who can turn your writing into an Ebook and some will even write it for you.
  • If you have digital skills or are prepared to acquire them you can set up your own Digital Agency where you can manage peoples online marketing on Social Media platforms.

In the province of the mind, there are no limitations. You could say the same about online businesses, there are no limitations.

Anyone whose immediate response to this is “I haven’t got the skills to do any of this” be aware there are many online agencies that offer freelancers who can do any of this stuff for you, and at reasonable prices.

Lets recap:

Look for another job – obviously you need to utilise all the ways available such as registering with recruitment agencies, headhunters, updating and circulating your CV, studying trade papers and networking.

If you are not in love with your current job, consider getting yourself retrained in an area that you could be passionate about. In my experience as a coach, those who are passionate about their work are in the minority and it is never too late to learn how to do something you love.

You might think that this is not the best time to start a new business but be aware that some of todays successful businesses were born during previous economic downturns, crashes and periods of massive unemployment. Look at Zoom and TikTok.

If you have a job and want to go out on your own, best to do it while you still have an income and gradually build up your new business.

Obviously there are items in this piece that you would need to learn more about:

  • Accessing resourceful states
  • Well forming outcomes
  • What’s important to you, i.e. your values. When you have formulated your goal keep asking the question “Why” to really hone what you want.
  • Research the net for training providers and Freelance Agencies

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