Get a Brighter Future?

Listening to a survey on BBC Radio 4 about people’s mental health at this time in the corona virus catastrophe.

After 2 weeks in lockdown, 15% of people said they were struggling and the interesting thing for me was what they said next.

They, and another 35% of people surveyed, expected to feel even worse and possibly not coping after a further 2 weeks.

So my coaching to those people with that expectation, and an expectation can become a belief and they can be difficult to change and tend to be self fulfilling. You are already building yourself a very poor future.

Sure it is very tough for people in these times and –

What can you usefully do that will make a difference for you? We all have resources, skills and experiences that we can pass on by way of advice, help and products. Begin to think about them and you will begin to feel more positive, more useful.

Why make your own future worse, at least in your own mind?

What have you learnt so far about yourself, what are your skills and how are you managing and what have you learnt that you can get out of this lock down situation.

Change your expectation so that it is possible to see a brighter future.

Literally see yourself doing something really well and looking like you are enjoying it. Build that picture in your mind. You are the director of your own movie so feel free to adjust and adapt that picture. Make it look desirable.

In your mind there are no limitations.

Having done that, what’s it feel like now, for you?

What’s the most effective way (s) you can think of improving things for yourself?

There is a state called Post Traumatic Growth where people who have been through times like this discover they are resilient and can help others in many ways.

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