What happens, for you, when you see this word?

What do you see in your mind?

What do you hear? Perhaps you say something to yourself?

And then what do you feel as a result of all of this?

What if you did the same thing with something positive?

Think of a time when you were happy.

Where are you, what do you see?

What do you hear? Are you saying something to yourself and if so is the tone of your voice different now?

And what do you feel now as a result of changing your thinking?

I like to think of depression as a word because that is what it is.

It’s not a thing out there we can go and get.

It’s a process, that means something is going on for people to feel depressed.

Some people are “diagnosed” as having depression as if it is a virus (we can think of it as a thought virus and fortunately we can alter our thoughts) and then those people will in some cases be medicated.

Sometimes some people feel good and at another time they feel bad and they are told they are Bi-polar and are given medication.

Now I realise there are people who do get very depressed and I am not recommending they stop their medication, only to consider the above strategy.

Change your thinking and you can change how you feel.

You can read more about these simple but effective strategies to help you free yourself from the chains of negative thinking.

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“Mutual Mindfulness”