I recently heard a part of a program on Radio 4 when some “scientists” were discussing the structure of addiction. Having done a lot of research, myself, on this subject, it got my attention and I was curious to know what they had discovered.

They talked about what happens in the brain to cause people to be addicted, the chemical changes that are occurring in the system and the possibility there could be an addiction gene.

Unfortunately they didn’t discuss how to deal with addiction, no strategies that can be utilised. I think anybody who is addicted in some way to anything, whether it be smoking, other drugs or gambling and want to make a change or at least investigate what steps they can take, would prioritise looking for those ways.

Listening to this radio programme motivated me to go back to my own work on smoking and how to stop it.

I studied 3 people by interviewing each one on three separate occasions. These people had said they managed to stop smoking easily so my interviews with them were about unpacking what they did, where they were at the time they stopped and their beliefs and values that had motivated them to want to stop smoking.

I collated this information and put it in an EBook called ‘The Stop Smoking Formula”

An interesting aspect of an addiction pattern is that it is pretty much guaranteed to get you to do something so imagine using the “Addiction Pattern” to get good feeliungs whenever you want and to do other positive things that are useful to and for you.