Rub a Rock and Lose Your Nervousness

I don’t know if you listen to Podcasts but until a few months ago I didn’t even know what they were.

Then one morning when I went out to my car I saw it had been broken into and my sound system had been stolen along with my Aikido weapons and walking boots. Pretty much the most important things in my life.

My son suggested I listen to Podcasts so I began downloading them to my phone and quickly became addicted. So much so that I still haven’t replaced my sound system in the car.

So this blog is a little follow up on the previous one about accessing resourceful states and managing how you want to feel using a NLP process called anchoring.

I was listening to a “Gold Digger” Podcast about Ashley Reale who has created a successful business called Love Everywhere. She produces beautiful cards with “feel good” messages on them.

She talked about being nervous at the thought of going on the “Gold Digger” Podcast and had mentioned that to her young daughter.

Well sometime previously her daughter had said she was nervous about doing something at school and Ashley had given her a small rock and told her to rub it every time she felt nervous and it would go away. Now it was her daughter’s turn to remind her to rub the rock.

This reminded me of what I had said in my Mutual Mindfulness blog about anchoring and stimulus response. So rubbing the rock was the stimulus and losing her nervousness and feeling good was the response.

Well done that mum!