Scarcity to Abundance

Making the Transition with Ease

Are you someone with lots of skills and experiences but always seem to be holding yourself back from really succeeding and getting what you want in your life, work or business?

I came from a background where money was a stranger to me. It was as if I self sabotaged my own success until I realised I was being held back by limiting beliefs.

I had learnt in childhood that it was not OK to be successful and every time I was successful I managed to lose everything and go back to square 1.

Becoming aware of our own thinking can be a powerful first step away from those limitations and towards your goals.

“Obstacles are the things we notice when we take our eyes off our goals” -Henry Ford

Ask yourself what it is that you want. Most people don’t know what they want. Are you trying to solve a problem, avoid something or stop some sort of behaviour that you no longer want to do?

Or are you someone who has a clear idea of what you want.

Here’s a simple but powerful exercise:

  • Build a picture in your mind. Look up and see yourself having already solved your problem.
  • Create a big, bright, colourful picture of yourself having achieved your goal. It can be the first step along the road. In the mind there are no limitations.
  • Make sure it is an attractive picture. You are the director of your own movie so make the picture colourful with sound and movement. Notice what you are wearing and how you are standing, preferably with a good posture.
  • You can do this everyday and it will soon become automatic and motivating.

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