Why does UK have the highest Covid Infections?

Let me say from the outset that I am not a Doctor or statistician but I have done a lot of NLP Training.

The heart of NLP is modelling or studying what works and the question to ask to find out is: “How do you do that?”

There are almost daily posts on Facebook about the lack of scrutiny of passengers at UK airports. Photographs show crowds of maskless people queuing at customs.

There are countries around the world that have zero or very low numbers of Covid infections. It is not beyond the wit of man or woman therefore, to ask the question: “What are they doing differently to the UK to achieve these low numbers of infections?”

“How specifically are they able to keep the numbers very low or in some cases, at zero?” The NLP Modelling question – “How are they doing that? What’s the difference that makes the difference?”

Well one thing they are doing is keeping their borders closed to most people and any who are allowed in are tested and made to quarantine themselves, and crucially are supervised.

I am a coach specialising in high performance in all contexts. It is a mindset, how we think, how we manage how we feel.

Anyone who has studied and trained to get to a good level and beyond will probably be familiar with those times when things are not going so well and their performance drops.

This is a set back but it is also a learning point and is where we need to utilise one of the essential ingredients of excellent performance.


How you do that when you are low, not at your best and possibly feeling like giving up is what I call developing your mindset.

I was coaching a Premier League Football manager once and he said:

“I am working with elite athletes. They are incredibly fit and have amazing ball skills, but that is not enough and what makes the difference is their mindset.”

When you have difficulties, maybe when you are learning something new or you have reached a plateau in your training and don’t seem to be moving forward and improving, that is the time to dig in and keep going.

What would it be like for you when you know:

What you want, clearly and specifically

How to manage how you feel? Performance is state dependant

Motivation – learn the different ways to get and keep yourself going

Powerful visualisation techniques

Deal with distractive thoughts and internal conversations

I have written a book about this. It contains many examples of overcoming difficulties and the secrets of excellent performance in any context. It is called “Mutual Mindfulness” and you can get it at this link:


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